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The "Year Project"

The "Year Project" is a 12
part film series set in Wisconsin based on the months of the year.

"Wisconsin's a special place"

    - Brett Favre

The "Year Project" is a 12 part series of films set in the same small town in Wisconsin, each inspired by the months of the year written & directed by Nathan Deming. 

Inspired by the works of Mike Leigh and Sufjan Stevens, Nathan hopes to tell an interweaving series of standalone stories that explore multiple perspectives and experiences all with the common backdrop of one town and the unifying elements of shared life we all have together: time, country, politics, culture, capitalism, globalism, religion, family and individual personality are all under the microscope.





24 minutes

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Award winner at the 2022 Wisconsin Film Festival

An aging church volunteer struggles to keep up with a last minute "shotgun wedding" with a very pregnant teenaged bride.

Interview on Wisconsin PBS


47 minutes

Part of the upcoming 2024 Wisconsin Film Festival

A recent immigrant struggles to fit into his new home in Wisconsin until discovering ice fishing.


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